About us

Meng Engineering is a company with longtime experience in the development and fabrication of electronic modules and devices.

We are specialized in the development of hard- and firmware for the industrial automation and communication market. For you, we design rugged, manufacture friendly and favourable digital and analog hardware modules.

The main focus is on FGPA design using VHDL, Microprocessor based technology for Cortex-Mx / ARM7, PowerPC and Freescale Cold fire. We offer design expertise for switching power electronics and analog signal conditioning and data acquisition. We offer expert design-in know how for USB, Ethernet, CAN and MVB. We develop electronic modules for PCI, cPCI, PC104 and VME. On a per project base we sell IP’s (VHDL) for VME, MVB, fast FPGA to memory interfacing, cryptographic hash functions as well as base functions for image processing.

Our competencies and our lean size grants for quality, flexibility and adherence to delivery dates. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Presentation Summary