Today, FPGAs – Programmable Logic Devices – are used in many electronic systems. The complexity ranges from a few hundreds gates up to several millions ‘system-gates’.

We develop your FPGA. We realize the required functions in accordance with your technical requirement specification. The design language is preferrable VHDL.
Additionally, we support our customers in the concept and the systems analysis phase at the beginning of the project. The customers can select the ‘turn-key solution’, if all FPGA related work shall be outsourced. We will deliver a working design and the bistream file for programming. Additionally we can be part of a project team and work in our office or at the customers place.

We work with VHDL – preferred – and with Verilog. Our own development tools are PC based – ALDEC HDL. We have a good knowledge in using HDL Designer from Mentor Graphics.

Do you have a FPGA project? Do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to get involved in your project and understand your specific requirements in order to provide you a competitive offer.

The following components have been used for our customers and for our own products:

  •  Xilinx PLD XC95xx
  •  Xilinx Spartan XL
  •  Xilinx Spartan-II, IIE and 3
  •  Xilinx Virtex-II(Pro), Virtex-4 and Virtex-5
  •  Altera Flex 1K und 10K
  •  Altera Cyclone II and III
  •  Actel SXA
  •  Quicklogic
  •  Lattice MachXO, XP, XP2 and ECP2(M)