Aartesys AG: FPGA Design based on VHDL and schematic entry. Realisation and Implementation of a customized HDLC Controller in VHDL. The final product is being used in a test equipement to monitor the ISDN line quality.

ABB Schweiz AG: Development of several boards and FPGA designs for control system including process bus MVB/AF100 and Ethernet. FPGA-Designs to control power converters for the railway technology.

ADCOS AG: Schematic adaption to the Eagle Layout Editor including board layout for a 6U VME board for motion control. FPGA design to interface the board to the VME Bus.

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BEB AG: FPGA Designs according to customers specification. The circuitry handles large image data, controls, collects, compresses and transfers data of CCD line sensors. The product of the customer is being used for verification/counting of paper money world wide.

Bombardier Deutschland: Development and production support for the MVB PC Node Card. This board, designed as a PC Card (PCMCIA) allows the service engineer to use the notebook and dedicated SW to monitor, engineer and debug the MVB bus.

Imaging Solutions AG: FPGA Development and Design (VHDL) of a customer specific data reorganisation algorithm for a new ultra-high speed professional photo finishing printer. Sustained data transfer rate is ~645MB (Mega Bytes) per second! The final product is using TI’s DLP technology (DMD-Chip).

Kistler Instrumente AG: VHDL design according to customer specifications.

Leica Geosystems AG: Development of a mixed signal electronic sub-system as a turnkey project with a fix-price guarantee. Completion of the project four month after release of the technical requirement specification.

Netcetera AG: Development of a custom “high-speed frame grabber” PCI bus card. The continuous data transfer rate from the camera to the control and storage unit unit is 700 Mbit / sec.

Netstal-Maschinen AG: Based on the IBMs PowerPC PPC405GPr architecture a system controller board was developed for a leading manufacturer of standard and special injection moulding machines.

OEM Technology Solutions Australia: Support in design and implementation of an “OnBoard” MVB subsystem. Support in the homologation process at Bombardier (Mannheim) and at Siemens (Erlangen).

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Olitronic GmbH: Design and realisation of a customer specific timing circuit to drive high current LED arrays within professional LED based foto flash equipement. The design has been implemented in VHDL.

Pixy AG: Development of a PC104 board for the MVB process bus connection. Design of various “OnBoard” MVB subsystems. MVB Process Bus Driver Support for QNX and Linux.

Ruf AG: Development of a cPCI board for SATA connectivity. Development of customised hardware for PoE (Power over Ethernet) Solutions.

Secheron AG: Design and Implementations of various VMEbus interfaces using CPLDs. VMEbus Master and VMEbus Slave. The designs are written in VHDL.

Selectron Systems AG: Specification, design, test and documentation of a propriatary MVB compliant hardware module. Additionally Software drivers for the MVB process data communication have been developped in close cooperation with the customer.

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Swiss Imaging Technologies AG: A FPGA design in VHDL for a fast data transfer circuitry from the PCI bus to a customer specific Image Buffer. A 2nd FPGA Design in VHDL for controlling the storage and plane management for the image data being received. The image data is being transferred to the LCD based exposure system at very high speed.

Varian Medical System Schweiz: FPGA design in VHDL according to the customers specification. The design is being used for image data processing and transmission for a new generation of devices for the treatment of tumor/cancer.