Here is some information regarding privacy on our website:

In order to comply with the EU Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) and the Swiss Data Protection Act (nDSG), we are pleased to provide the following information. If you have any questions, please contact the data protection officer Markus Meng, contact details see Legal Notice.

– We do not use web tracking (such as Google Analytics) on our website.
– We do not use Google advertising services (AdWords / AdSense).
– This website does not use social media plugins.
– The comment function of the blog is disabled.
– We do not send newsletters.

SSL encryption:
Our website has SSL encryption with SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer certificate).  An encrypted connection can be recognised by the entry of “https://” in the address line of the browser and the lock symbol in the browser line.

Server log files:
As with any connection to a web server, the server of our web hosting provider, Switzerland, logs and stores certain technical data. This data includes the IP address and the operating system of your device, the data, the access time, the type of browser and the browser request including the origin of the request (referrer). This is necessary for technical reasons in order to provide you with our website. Hostpoint protects this data from unauthorized access using technical and organizational measures and does not pass it on to third parties.

Cookies are small text files that are temporarily stored in your browser. Generally, two types of cookies are distinguished:

  • Session cookies (often called ‘good’ cookies).
  • Tracking cookies (so-called ‘bad’ cookies), which are used for advertising and analysis purposes.

This website does not use advertising and analytics services (such as Google Analytics, etc.), so no tracking cookies are generated.

To ensure the bilingual feature of this website, the Polylang plugin generates a cookie to remember the language selected by the user when he visits the website again. This cookie is also used to keep the language information.

Here is the information about the cookie used by Polylang:
– Default name: ‘pll_language’.
– Value: the language code of the last visited page
– Default expiration time: 1 year

No other cookies are generated.

In each web browser it is possible to generally prevent cookies from being stored on the end device. This process is described in the help function of the respective web browser. However, it should be noted that in this case, the speech recognition function will no longer work correctly.

Third Party Services:
This website does not use any third-party services.
All resources are accessed only from its own domain or subdomain and no connections to third-party servers are established.

Use of script libraries (Google Fonts):
The use of Google Fonts on this website is deactivated and thus no connection to the Google font servers is established.

Personal data:
No personal data is processed on this website. The use of a contact form is waived. Communication takes place exclusively by telephone and email.