The KP995 is a field bus gateway, which is mountable in a standard 19“ control cabinet. This device was developed completely by Meng Engineering.

It decomposes into the following sub systems:

The Mechanics – Casing (

The case was designed together with a subcontractor. Using the 2D CAD data from PCB design tool, the 3D construction tool generated the mechanical data for the fabrication of the case.
No tooling is needed for production due to the fact that, as usual for small-scale production, laser-, bending- and punching-technology was choosen. This leads to slighly higher production costs, but
allows us to change details easily.

The Communication board

This board consists of:
– an electrically isolated power supply 24Vdc and 6W power
– a MVB/AF100 communication node (1.5/3Mbit optical and coax)
– 3 fast 100Mbit LVDS interfaces
– an FPGA Xilinx Spartan II-200K containing a 7KB DPM, the interface to the CPU as well as the encoder/decoder system for the 100Mbit LVDS port.

The FPGA is designed using VHDL

The CPU board

Consisting of an ARM7 CPU with integrated MAC and an ext. bus interface it includes:
– ARM7 32Bit RISC with integrated periphery and 10/100 MBit Ethernet MAC
– 16 MB external SDRAM (32Bit)
– 2 MB Flash
– 1 RJ45 Ethernet Port (LAN) 10/100 MBit
– 2 serial interfaces
– 1 lokalbus interface allowing the connection to the communication board
– monitoring LED’s displaying operating state.

The program code and application parameter are stored in Flash. During the boot sequence the code and data is being decompressed and copied into the SDRAM. Afterwards the program is running out of the SDRAM.

Designed as a 100% 3.3 volt system consuming about 1W at 33MHz.

The software

The software was written using Netsilicons Developement Kit. RTOS – ThreadX – is available as well as a TCPIP stack, a web- and a ftp-server. Firmware and device driver were written by Meng Engineering, the overlying application by the customer.

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