Information — 24.10.2012

You don’t have it, however you need it for your embedded PC project. A GPS receiver module with the latest technology. The module is based on the SiRF Star IV Chipset from wi2wi using the W2SG0084i GPS module.

The MiniPCI GPS Receiver Module is being made specially in order to support the Alix CPU boards from

In order to simplify the usage, the GPS receiver module uses the internal 5volt supply from the MiniPCI connector to generate its own low noise 3.3V supply. No software driver for this MiniPCI GPS Receiver is being required. The serial port from the GPS receiver connects to the internal COM2 port of the ALIX board itself. By using the internal serial Port COM2 no driver issues for the various unix like images is hurting the integration, since COM2 is derived from the on board AMD Geode companion chip CS5536.

HW approach versus SW approach 😉

The GPS receiver module is optimized for an active GPS antenna. It features fast acquisition time from cold start and industrial temperature grade low power operation. All the specs of the W2SG0084i apply. Acquisition can be monitored using the LED on the 1PPS output port.

After power up and start up the modules NMEA codes do appear on the internal serial port COM2 ready for further processing within the main application. The GPS receiver module supports a “power-off power-on sequence” in case there is a need to restart the receiver. This is accomplished by issuing a RESET event on the MiniPCI bus without unplugging main power from the embedded PC. On Linux using ‘reboot’ issues such an event. Reset on the MiniPCI bus will be asserted for some mili seconds. In response tho this event, the module will be off-power for ~1.5 seconds before repeating its own bootstrap sequence.

  • Top Picture : GPS Receiver Modules
  • Middle Picture : The module mounted on the ALIX embedded PC
  • Bottom Picture : Scope Image 1PPS Pulse and Serial Port COM (Internal UART 3.3V TTL Level)
  • Installation Guide