Development of electronic devices and systems
Our longtime experience in development and fabrication of electronic devices assures the realisation of favorable, EMC resistant solutions. This by adherence to delivery dates.

ASIC/FPGA development in VHDL(Verilog)
FPGA designs are integral parts of our own devices as well as parts of our customers hardware. We are working with Xilinx-, Lattice-, Actel-, Altera– and , Quicklogic-FPGAs. Supplier independency allows us to choose the technology that matches best our customers requirements.

Microprocessor systems
We have been using different microprocessors in our own products and for our custemers projects. We select the optimal technology according to our customer needs. We have expert knowledge of Motorola PowerPC MPC823/850, AMCC PowerPC 405GPr, NXP LPC2xxx ARM7 family as well as Cypress Semiconductor CY7C68013 USB Controller.

MVB, Ethernet, USB, CAN, VME, PC104, ISA, IndustryPack as well as PCI and cPCI bus systems have been used so far.

C/C++ firmware for ‘Embedded’ systems und PC’s
For you, we write test applikation software to verify the production of your devices. We also develop device driver for our or your hardware.

Datenbases and data maintenance
Always, data or commands are to exchange through an interface. Is there some data to manage, then we would appreciate to do this for you. Linux or Windows, both well known. We are experienced programmers in Tcl/Tk and dBASE PLUS.