The netmatik is based on Intels powerful 32bit StrongArm SA-1110 processor which is designed for embedded systems. The CPU system is using the Linux operating system. The carrier board can be purchased without the CPU module.

Two implementations are available:

– – netmatik C20: CAN-Interface, 20 binary inputs, 8 relay outputs.
data sheet (pdf Format)

– – netmatik C10: 10 binary inputs, 2 relay outputs.
data sheet (pdf Format)

– StrongArm 206 Mhz 32 bit CPU
– 32KB non-volatile memory
– real time clock
– 10/100Mbps LAN interface
– 20 resp. 10 binary input channels
– 8 resp. 2 relay output channels
– CAN bus (only C20)
– standard 24VDC power supply
– extended temperature range, no cooling required
– robust and reliable

Development project for Scentech AG, Switzerland: