The company imaging solution ag is working on a new faster printer for the foto finnishing market. An important part of the electronics needed for printing 20’000 images per hour is the so called “re-formatter board”. Together with our customer, Meng Engineering did work on the specification for the FPGA design – using a Virtex-II(P) V20. The design and implementation of the FPGA has been done in VHDL.
The reformatter design operates at a system frequency of 120 Mhz. The overall data transfer rate to the various interfaces are ~ 1.9GB/Second (Giga Bytes)!

Today it can be called the world fastest professional 5″ foto printer having ~ 300 ppi!

Meng Engineering was part of a bigger project team. The data base of the design belongs 100% to our customer. Maintenance and further enhancements of the design will be worked out from the customers development/maintenance team.

Company Imaging Solutions AG