Together with Netstal-Maschinen AG, the leading manufacturer of standard and special injection moulding machines, an embedded controller board based on IBM’s PowerPC PPC405GPr has been developed.

This CPU board is a plug-in module which communicats through a proprietary bus system with the peripheral devices. Additionally, a 10/100TBase Ethernet, a PCI-Bus and a CAN interface is part of the design. 128MByte of 32 bit wide SDRAM, armed with ECC (error dedection and correction), supporting 133MHz clock rate are provided.

The CPU runs at 400MHz., the local bus at 33MHz.

This development was realized by Meng Enginnering together with the customer and covered the following activities:

— Design of the PowerPC CPU unit incl. the SDRAM, Ethernet and PCI interfaces.
— Power supply
— Schematic and library
— Signal integrity simulation using IBIS
— PCB design support
— Arrange for fabrication
— Start-up of prototypes
— Development of the BSP (Board Support Package) for VxWorks

PowerPC CPU-Card by Netstal-Maschinen AG: