To simplify the ‚program-download’ on an existing control system a SD-card reader was developed. The ‘SD-card reader’ reads the data on the SD card and transmits it through the serial port onto the control system.

Previously, the ‘program-download’ required a laptop or PSION, but now a much cheaper and simpler alternative is available to customers. The new code can now be downloaded onto a commercially available SD card via the internet from anywhere in the world. The ‘SD-card reader’ has to be plugged into the SUB-D connector of the serial port on location, all else is executed automatically.

Via the second serial port on the ‘SD-card reader’ one can still communicate from a desktop PC or laptop directly with the control system.

At the heart of the ‘SD-card reader’ is a Philips ARM7 microcontroller LPC210x.

The application software on the 32bit controller communicates with the control system and is capable of reading and writing data via FAT onto and from the SD-card.